Intelligent watering system Part II – Using Raspberry Pi Zero W’s as additional “Antennas” to extend Jeedom’s Bluetooth range

Spring is back so it is the perfect moment to check if my watering system passed the winter, and reactivate it. At the same time i’ll explain in detail the system I set up with external bluetooth antennas. We will indeed improve our Jeedom test installation for automatic watering, by adding (and actually cloning) some Bluetooth “repeaters” (called the antennas) in order to increase … Read more ...

Automatic programmable outdoor watering system with Jeedom

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to setup an automatic watering system by using the Jeedom automation system, and some equipments to remotely pilot a water valve plugged on a dripping system. the goal is to explain how to control a simple system for now, so that you can extand it depending on your needs, by keeping exactly the same components.

The system here will … Read more ...

Restoring Jeedom from a Debian 8.5 to a Debian 10.3 Virtual Machine

We will here install the excellent Domotic/Home Automation system called Jeedom from an old Debian 8.5 on a fresh new Debian 10.3 Virtual Machine. Actually in this post I will not only install it, but i’ll also restore a backup of my fully functional Jeedom V3 installation that use to run on a Debian 8.5. I decided to upgrade by installing a full new system … Read more ...

Philips POS9002 Tips

Pairing again the remote

This is usefull after an update or when you figure out some advanced functions don’t work anymore (voice commands, keyboard, etc.).

Operation is available in POS9002 manual.

  1. You can simply long press the PAIR key (approximate for 3 seconds) for pairing. Alternatively, go to (TV menu) Settings Wireless and network Remote control Pair remote control
  2. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
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